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Leather Dress Belts

Our all leather Dress Belts are made in Argentina, a country that takes leather as serioiusly as the USA does. The tops and the linings are all leather. They come in the popular single sizes, the 2036's come in S M L XL, and the 1700's come in a "one size fits all". These items are used in our Dress line as well as our Career Apparel Line.
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1.0" Black Leather Dress Belt
Our Price: Starting at $9.00
1.0" Black Leather Dress Belt
This Dress belt is perfect for all suit slacks, dockers, and casual pants, for formal dress or career apparel. Available in black only. Sizes from 28-54. Great unisex item, and works well for boys, too.
1.0" (25mm) Leather Dress Belt
Our Price: $12.00
1.0" (25mm) Leather Dress Belt
This all-leather dress belt is 1.0" wide and is available in black & brown. Fits all pant loops. Sizes 30-50. This top grain leather belt is lined with leather and is made in Argentina.
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